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Frequently Asked Questions:

 Who do we sell to?

  • We sell to ballroom dancers, college show choirs, broadway shows, drag queens, carnivals, any entertaining industry, dance schools!!
  • Coming soon in 2023-24 new children/teen affordable recital line.  GET READY!!!!

How do I know if a costume I want is in stock that is not on clearance?

  • You can simply call and ask us if the style number is in stock.  You may also email us at

How do I know when my order is shipped?

  • We will send you an email that it has been shipped along with the tracking # for the package.

My costume doesn’t fit. Now what?

  • You can email or call us (516) 719-0996 to schedule a size exchange.  

Can we customize a catalog costume?

  • We can make most catalog costumes in a size not offered, for an increased rate. However, we cannot alter catalog pieces for the same price point. We have different manufacturers for custom and catalog pieces. If you like a catalog body style and want it customized we can do that, but it is going to be significantly more costly.

How do I become an approved shopper?

  • You must first register with us online.  If you have completed the online form you will be approved within 48 buisness hours.

How do I manage which Credit Cards are on my file online?

  • Once you’ve logged in, you can Click on your name which takes you to your account details. Here you can view all of your past purchases and manage which cards you’d like for us to keep on file. We are unable to do this for security purposes; we do not have access to this particular page or information. This is up to the shopper.

How do I know what sizes to select when ordering?

  • Our Sizing Chart is available on-line. Click here to view it.

Can I get express shipping?

  • If you have placed an order of in stock costumes and need the shipment expressed, you can do so buy calling us and requesting an express shipment.  The customer will be responsible for the extra shipping charges.  


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